100 days of NG – not just about boiling rice…

2nd October 2018

Starting out

It could be said that the first few days of my professional career quite daunting to start out, and I’m sure others have experienced the same emotions – whatever their age.

However, those nerves started to fade away quickly after it became clear everyone at NG was going to look after me and treated me as part of the team.

Sunny started the ball rolling by giving me one of his famous analogies that “for the first few months you’ll be boiling rice”. After looking around in the office to see if anyone else knew what he meant, he went on to tell me about a world-famous chef who had his apprentices only boil rice for the first year working under him. It began to make slightly more sense that for the first few months I will be learning the basics. Compared to university the job is totally different in practice than on paper so I appreciated what was meant by this.

What I’ve been up to

Since being at NG I’ve been exposed to a variety of different specialities but I’ve mostly been involved with the agency team. Jon, Richard and Sunny have all taken their time out to work with me. From taking me to meetings to doing valuations or viewings. The main projects that I’ve been working on with Sunny are a retail unit is Aspley (22 Broxtowe lane), Offices and a retail unit in the Lace Market (Gothic House) and an industrial unit at Cossall (Solomon Park).

This wide range of properties has given me a real 360-degree view of the local commercial property market – and was one of the reasons I was so keen to come and learn my trade with the NG team.

About NG

Coming into NG was something I was definitely excited about; they have innovative ideas and are slightly quirky. I think this was confirmed when they decided to buy a Neon green NG sign for office (I’m still unsure on what to think of it).  We have a small team of great people. They have given me responsibility but what I’ve felt the most they have treated me like one of them – not just someone who is here for a year. This year will be full of learning lessons and what I appreciate the most is they will praise me when I’ve done well and they will sit me down and tell me when I need to do something better and show me how to do it. Everyone has taken time out to get to know me and understand my strengths and my weaknesses; they are giving me the opportunity to thrive.

The Next 100 Days

I still have nine months left here at NG and it’s something that I am looking forward to and relishing the challenge. I am looking forward to developing my skills and getting more involved in projects. I’ve only been here a few months but I already feel part of the NG family.

To find out more, feel free to contact us, give us a call on 0115 958 8599 or email [email protected].