100 not out – what Covid-19 has taught us

30th June 2020

Believe it or not, it’s been 100 days since lockdown was imposed on the UK. The coronavirus pandemic has been a truly testing time for everyone associated with the property industry – but we’ve also learned a lot.

NG’s Managing Director Richard Sutton has asked his team what they’ll remember most from their time under lockdown – at work and away from it. Here’s their Top 100 Lockdown Lessons.

1. Getting a CBILS loan isn’t fast or easy.
2. People amaze you in good ways and bad.
3. It’s better to be working than not.
4. Surround yourself with people you can rely on.
5. Nothing will be the same again.
6. We really miss pubs and restaurants.
7. You really should have had an online grocery delivery account.
8. What happened to all the panic buying loo rolls?
9. It ain’t what you do now it’s the way that you do it.
10. Difficult decisions were needed in difficult times.
11. Support your local shops in the future – they supported you.
12. You’ve got to adapt – or die.
13. Family is the most important thing.
14. Teamwork is crucial.
15. You can do anything but not everything.
16. Gin helps.
17. Too much information can be overwhelming.
18. Doing a small bit to help goes a long way.
19. Always smile.
20. Fresh air clears the mind.
21. Routine is critical.
22. Takeaways are a treat.
23. Appreciate the small things.
24. When you take live sport off the air, there’s not too much on TV or the radio.
25. It’s ok to have low days.
26. You find out who your true friends are.
27. You can cope with change.
28. How important my job is to me.
29. I don’t miss shopping…
30. … but I do miss holidays.
31. I’m quite good at cutting hair.
32. TV repeats come round quick… come round quick… come round quick.
33. I don’t miss commuting.
34. Loyalty is vital.
35. Actions speak louder than words
36. Money is just a mirage; it passes from me to you and you to me: the most important thing is productivity.
37. See hard times as blessings in disguise; hardship is something your spirit needs to show your true character.
38. Five years worth of innovation and advancements happened in the space of a few weeks.
39. You are not entitled.
40. Being mature is not an age thing; it’s being grown up enough to change for the good .
41. Moving forward, competition will be fierce.
42. Our clients are our best adverts.
43. Having the right leader is vital.
44. Netflix is great.
45. Appreciate the opportunities you get in life and make the most of them.
46. Be proactive, not reactive.
47. Hand sewing isn’t that hard to learn.
48. Appreciate the NHS and don’t take it for granted.
49. Skateboarding is fun.
50. We don’t need as many things as we think we do.
51. Amazon is handy.
52. The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.
53. Coffee is way better from a coffee shop.
54. Strong workplace culture is key to business survival.
55. It’s easy to work from Home.
56. I used to print things out I didn’t really need to (because now I don’t have a printer).
57. Petrol is cheap now you have nowhere to go.
58. I am  better at time management than I realised.
59. The luxury of lazy is over.
60. Reconnecting with neighbours has been great.
61. Beer is really, really heavy.
62. Appreciate nature and the environment.
63. What fantastic friends I have.
64. The garden has never looked so good.
65. Invest in yourself, your knowledge is the engine of your wealth.
66. Have we seen the last of posted letters?.
67. Tidying up is satisfying.
68. I can now create a PDF!
69. An infinite mindset wins.
70. Time is best used to learn a new skill.
71. Making redundancies is an emotional process.
72. Courage is essential.
73. Having structure to life is imperative.
74. Family dinners rock.
75. Become an independent learner – use the resources available to you.
76. Make sure you have a support network, not just on a personal level but also in work.
77. Reinvent yourself within your company.
78. I live in such a beautiful area with so many wonderful outdoor spaces.
79. I will never ever take hugging a relative or friend for granted again.
80. Being materialistic is pointless.
81. Having a happy and healthy family is the most important thing.
82. Teenagers eat shedloads of food.
83. I miss ice cream vans.
84. Furlough is not a right.
85. Take a long hard look at yourself before commenting on others.
86. Ebay is a weapon of mass destruction when you have had a drink.
87. Don’t complain – there are lots of people far worse off.
88. Listen to other people – even if their view is different from yours.
89. Getting a dog could be a good idea.
90. Being able to walk on the beach is great.
91. It will happen again.
92. Filter the news you watch, listen to or read for your own sanity.
93. We can buy pasta again.
94. It is ok to say “no”.
95. Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
96. I will never ever queue to get in Sports Direct.
97. BBQs smell amazing.
98. Don’t panic.
99. We will not let Covid-19 put us out of business.
100. We will get through this.

So, that’s what we’ve learned. What about you? Have we missed anything? Let us know what you’ve learned over the last 100 days.

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