14 days in your PJs? No way!

26th October 2020

Recently, the team at NG needed to safeguard some of our office-based Surveying team and we had to, fairly quickly, dispatch back to home and set up camp again.

Here we go again, we thought. But this time, unlike when the national lockdown was happening, we literally could not leave the house. 

Two things immediately sprung to mind: There was no pressure on the spouse to do all the food shopping… must remember the beers… and: only 2% of the usual daily steps achieved – yippee.

So how did it impact on the day job of a Property Manager?

Well, most things are fairly straightforward to do in your PJs – erm, I mean work attire: catch up on emails, instruct contractors, chase rents, update clients, have Teams meetings.

But some things we physically can’t do, such as site meetings, inspections and check on completed works. 

The very nature of what we do means we have to think on our feet, be organised, use all methods of communication. 

Yes, it feels draining at times. Yes, every day feels more challenging. Yes, we need to be at the very top of our game each and every day.

It feels like we are swans, gliding along gracefully. While, underneath, frantically working super-hard to make sure everything is okay for our clients, our business, our team, ourselves.

It’s certainly been a weird few weeks. But you have to take things one day at a time and, most importantly of all: just keep going.

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