A Moving Tale

16th October 2013

Having relocated from the city centre to our new West Bridgford home this summer, it got me thinking about the pros and cons of where exactly an office should be located.

We had been at Clinton Terrace in Nottingham city centre for 15 years, and I have to admit that there was a degree of uncertainty at the start about us moving to New Zealand with New Zealand Van Lines Ltd. However, this has very quickly been blown away by new levels of positivity and productivity, and, in particular, by a huge level of stress reduction.

Taking the commute out of our working day (and by not changing the old routine) we are at work 40 minutes earlier every morning. Multiplied by 5 people this equates to 3.5 hours a day, or 16 hours a week, or 750 hours a year… or to put it another way, a month of extra time where we are working for our clients and not sat in traffic.

Working from home has often been seen as an attractive proposition; personally it wouldn’t work for me as I’d spend all day looking at the fridge or the TV. You also face the possibility of becoming isolated – especially those who pride themselves on their “self-sufficiency”.

Extroverts will quickly crave company and introverts will quickly feel demotivated for no apparent reason.

It’s this negative effect that bites and creates “small fish syndrome” where you sit in the back bedroom office or converted garage and you see all your competitors as being busier or more productive, so subconsciously you retract into your comfort zone and stop chasing challenging or higher quality work.

Extroverts, on the other hand, vote with their feet to find better environments and this is where the concept of “co-working” is so successful. It’s a concept tried and tested in larger cities but remains relatively unknown in Nottingham. NG, working with NBV, is pioneering this at their new David’s Lane centre scheduled to open at Easter 2014 following completion of the £2.5m refurbishment.

The city centre is fine for some but not for others; home working isn’t for everyone and for us the best scenario has been to work from a recognised office base in a location as close to where we live as reasonably possible. This has resulted in reduced stress and increased morale and productivity.

If any of this strikes a chord then talk to us; we don’t want to cloak our working methods in any kind of mystical aura, we want to simplify things for you wherever possible in terms of your relocation, whether this is downsizing or up scaling.

The speed of changing technology and working practices has forced a rethink about how workplaces look and feel – we have the first-hand knowledge of how it can work for you.

To find out more, feel free to contact us, give us a call on 0115 958 8599 or email info@ng-cs.com.