Commercial & Civil Mediation

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that disputes can arise between companies and organisations. If left unresolved, it can lead to a permanently damaged relationship.

Mediation offers an alternative solution to conflict resolution. It is a highly confidential and cost-effective way to resolve conflict.

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NG director Richard Sutton is an ADR Group-trained Civil & Commercial Mediator

This service can be extended to any commercial matter

We offer a sympathetic, understanding and completely confidential mediation service

What Are the Benefits of Civil and Commercial Mediation Services?

Sometimes these disputes can be major, and other times they are minor. However, if they’re left unresolved, then all that happens is both sides entrench their position, resulting in clouding judgements, irreparably souring a relationship. For example, conflicts between landlords and tenants are fairly common, and they can soon escalate to the point where they’ve made it very difficult to do business together.

In these circumstances, people typically think the only way to resolve the matter is to litigate. However, this is expensive and time-consuming, and there’s actually a more beneficial method to turn to… mediation.

The alternative solution to litigation, mediation is highly confidential and cost-effective. Usually, the matter is concluded to all parties’ satisfaction within one working day, meaning conflict is resolved.

Communication is key within commercial and civil mediation, due to the face-to-face aspect of the meeting, and open communication that’s allowed to flow between parties, and monitored by the mediator.

Why Choose Us for Our Mediation Services?

At NG Chartered Surveyors, we are experienced in commercial and civil mediation service. Director, Richard Sutton, is an ADR Group trained civil and commercial mediator – one of only a handful in the whole of the East Midlands.

Whilst he has experience in property related disputes, his service can extend to any commercial matter; so if you have an issue that you’d like resolving in the strictest confidence, then speak to us today, as we can help.

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More Than Just Commercial and Civil Mediation

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