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We understand property, and you understand your own business better than we ever will. That’s why with our acquisitions services, we’ll work together to find the best place for your business.

We understand property and have helped many new companies buy their first commercial property and existing businesses relocate

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We use our unrivalled industry contacts to pull together suitable options for you

We bring forward off-market opportunities so that you can beat the competition

We'll undertake all negotiations with the landlord's agent to get you the best deal

Why Choose Us For Commercial Property Acquisitions?

Over the years at NG Chartered Surveyors, we’ve helped hundreds of new companies to acquire their first commercial property; and existing businesses to relocate into new premises, both on a freehold and leasehold basis.

With all this experience we’ve gained over the years, we pride ourselves on our expertise within the commercial property acquisitions area. Our top tip? We firmly believe that seeking timely advice right from the start will pay dividends in both the short and long term. Effective advice will help you to negotiate more favourable terms when purchasing or renting a new building, and will help to iron out potential issues before they become problems further down the line.

It’s not just technical knowledge that we turn to when managing our clients’ commercial property acquisitions; it’s the understanding of the local market, which only comes with extensive experience.

Let us give you an example:  we found a 150,000 sq.ft warehouse for sale in Nottingham for a client, which was perfect for them. As we knew the motivation behind the sale, and understood that it needed to be sold by a certain date; we managed to acquire the premises for less than a quarter of the quoted price. This resulted in a multi-million-pound saving.

Sure, we can’t promise the same saving on every single occasion, but we can promise that we’ll do all we can to secure you the best deal.

How Our Commercial Property Acquisitions Services Work

Rest assured that we’ll work closely with you to fully understand what kind of property you’re looking for, what price range, in what area.

When you choose NG Chartered Surveyors for your commercial property acquisition, you can expect the following:

Initial Meeting

We admit that whilst we understand the world of property, you know your own business way better than we ever will.

That’s why the first stage of any acquisition is to meet up with you, and find out what it is you’re looking for, the most important attributes, and where it needs to be. From there, we can develop a brief, ready to start our search.

Property Acquisitions Search

Now you can sit back and relax: after all, we’ll undertake the initial search on your behalf. How will we do this? By taking full advantage of our contacts and expertise in the market. From there, we’ll pull together a list of suitable options for you to consider.

Once you’ve shortlisted your potentials, we’ll arrange for you to view these buildings with us, where you can assess their suitability and value.

We can also assemble a team of consultants such as Fit Out and M&E Consultants to cost up any potential work that needs doing.

The most important thing to remember? Whilst the perfect property may not be being openly marketed, we still may be able to acquire it for you.

Acquisition Strategy

When you’ve chosen your preferred property, we’ll create a commercial property acquisitions strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

You can guarantee that we’ll work tirelessly to ensure you can acquire or rent the premises with the most favourable terms.


We’ll personally negotiate with the vendor or landlord’s agent to reach a pricing agreement. Once this has been done, this will be documented in an agreed set of Heads of Terms that will act as the basis of instructions for the lawyers to document.

We will then negotiate with the vendor or landlord’s agent to hopefully reach an agreement with them. This would be documented in an agreed set of Heads of Terms that will form the basis of the instruction for the lawyers to document.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in close contact with the lawyers, to make sure that the deal is processed smoothly, within your preferred timescale.

Commercial property acquisitions are simple and smooth, when you work with us.

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