Commercial Property Development

This can be a highly lucrative opportunity for those who have the right knowledge, resources, and skills. That’s where we come in - we take great pride in commercial property development projects.

At NG Chartered Surveyors, we take great pride in providing commercial property development advice

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Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of your property

We're experienced in office buildings, office parks, industrial premises and warehouses

We can even assist you in the daily management of your commercial property

Why Choose NG Chartered Surveyors for Your Commercial Property Development Needs?

Are you looking to take your first steps into the exciting world of commercial property development? Or do you already own commercial property that’s in dire need of some TLC? Our professional commercial property development service has been designed with you specifically in mind, to help streamline the whole development process.

We’ve been providing our commercial property development services to clients throughout the East Midlands and beyond ever since 1980. During that time, we’ve definitely learnt a thing or two! One of the most invaluable things we’ve picked up along the way is an expert knowledge of the local market, helped by the list of trusted contacts we’ve grown, ensuring that every property we work on is a success.

Take the Weight off Your Shoulders With Our Property Development Advice

The reality is, that commercial property development can be a long and difficult process, if not done properly. It doesn’t just require extensive knowledge of market and financial trends (although that definitely helps!), it’s all about negotiations with local authorities, representatives, business owners and building contractors.

It’s not all doom and gloom though: the development of commercial property can be extremely rewarding and lucrative, provided the right knowledge, skills and resources are in place. That’s where we come in. At NG Chartered Surveyors, we’re proud to say that with our extensive experience, we’ve gained these qualities; and enjoy advising on a range of commercial property development projects for clients. And who knows, maybe you’ll be next?

Our Approach to Commercial Property Development

No two commercial property development projects are ever the same. That’s why for each individual property, we take a tailored approach that is specific to the requirements of your property, land and future occupiers.

Remember, whichever business you ultimately lease or sell your property to, they will all have their own unique requirements when searching for premises. By having an idea of who you would like your ideal occupier to be, and the market they operate in; we can help to find them for you.

We’ve worked on a variety of successful commercial property development over the last three decades, including the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Office parks
  • Retail parks
  • Industrial premises
  • Warehouses

Once your commercial property has been successfully developed, and we’ve found you suitable occupiers (if needed), we can even take over the daily management of your property, if you would prefer to free up your time and focus on something else.

Find out More About Our Commercial Property Services

Commercial property development isn’t the only service we offer at NG Chartered Surveyors. We work tirelessly with a range of clients, offering a full range of specialist service support, including:

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Total professionalism with a personal touch.

  • Sound advice and first class property management
  • We have long and productive relationships with our clients
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