Commercial Property Management

Poorly managed property will inevitably under-perform and could actually cost you money, instead of generating an income

Our approach to property management involves a combination of asset management, cost management, and liabilities management

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We'll help with rent collection, management or repairs and maintenance leaving you stress-free

Our service is designed to suit owners of a diverse range of properties

We'll generate the maximum possible return on your property investment

A Simple Approach to Commercial Property Management

Our commercial property management team has been operating throughout the East Midlands since 1980 and as a result, they have expert knowledge of the local property market, having encountered almost every issue that could possibly arise in the day-to-day management of commercial properties.

That means if you choose our service, rest assured your property will be in safe hands.

Our approach to commercial property management is simple, but effective; involving a combination of asset management, cost management, and liabilities management. If you choose NG for your commercial property management needs (which you should!), then the service we’ll offer you will be tailored to your unique requirements. However, it will encompass the following:

  • Rent collection
  • Management of repairs and maintenance
  • Regular inspections and reporting
  • Lease renewals
  • Securing all necessary licenses from local authorities
  • Management of commercial property budgets and expenditure
  • Service charge management and accounting
  • Employment and management of on-site staff

Effective Commercial Property Management with NG

The NG Chartered Surveyors’ property management service is designed to suit the owners of a diverse range of properties.  Whether you are an owner or a fund manager, our aim is simple: to generate the maximum possible return on your property investment whilst ensuring that your life as an owner or landlord is as stress-free as possible. We are particularly strong in industrial property management, office property management, retail unit management, and residential block management, amongst other areas. If you have any questions at all about our commercial property management service, then just give us a call on 0115 958 8599, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.

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Comprehensive Commercial Property Service

It’s not just commercial property management we can offer you. In fact, you may find that there are other areas we operate in, that we can help you with. Here are just a few more of the services we offer:

Spenbeck: A Brand New Service Charge

NG bring fresh approach to management portfolio

  • Redesigned the service charge regime
  • Initiated frequent tenant meetings
  • Rebuilt trust between the landlords and the tenants
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Discover more ways we can help:

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