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For over 35 years, we’ve been undertaking high quality commercial property surveys for our clients. Think of it as a health check, seeing if it fits your needs. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, let us find out if you are getting total value.

Whether you're a landlord or looking to rent or buy a commercial property, a survey can reveal whether or not you're getting true value

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Our surveys give you insight into how much income your property can generate

We also arrange more specialist surveys, such as for the presence of asbestos

Our surveys are invaluable for tenants who need to settle disputes with landlords

What Are Commercial Property Surveys?

A commercial property survey is used to determine the condition of a property. As the owner, a property survey can be extremely useful, as it highlights the improvements and renovations needed to satisfy the needs of a business who either wants to buy or rent your property.

You’ll also get to find out more about the technical side of the structure of your property, including materials used, and any conditions that could affect damp, insulation and drainage.

One of the most important findings from your property survey, is finding out the potential income it could generate, and the actions that you can take as the owner, to maximise income potential.

All of that from a commercial property survey… not bad!

Why Choose NG Chartered Surveyors to Conduct Your Property Survey?

The fact is, we’ve been providing our clients with professional commercial property surveys for over three decades; and during this time, we’ve developed our skills, knowledge and resources to exceed expectations every single time.

We’ve carried out property surveys for a range of buildings: shops, offices, industrial buildings, warehouses… you name it, we’ve probably done it.

Whether you decide to rent or sell your commercial premises (in which case, we can help with both), by carrying out a commercial property survey, we’ll reveal whether or not you’re getting the true value for your property. If you’re not, then you can adjust your rental rate or asking price accordingly, to ensure you maximise your income potential.

Are You Looking to Lease A Property?

Commercial property surveys really come in useful if you’re looking to rent a property. Coupled with a Schedule of Condition, they act as a degree of insurance, giving you a clear record of the condition of your property when you first enter into the lease.

If repairs are required at the end of the lease, then the information found in your property survey and Schedule of Condition is invaluable, and can even help you to settle any potential disputes.

At NG Chartered Surveyors, our expert consultants can arrange for more specialist property surveys if required; for example, for the presence of asbestos or other harmful substances. We can also provide Energy Performance Certificates, and prepare Schedules of dilapidations on behalf of landlords and tenants.

A Schedule of Dilapidation is particularly important, as it ensures that any repairing or decoration obligations that are specified under a lease, are complied with when it comes to an end.

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At NG Chartered Surveyors, it’s not just commercial property surveys we offer: in fact, we offer a full service for all of your property needs. Find out more about some of the other services we offer below:

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