30th March 2020

As the UK moves into full lockdown and the March Quarter Day is now upon us, these are understandably worrying times for both commercial landlords and their tenants.

Since the impact of Covid19 became apparent on all businesses and our own family lives the NG Management department have been working tirelessly trying to advise our landlord clients and also their commercial tenants. This may seem to go against the grain of our role as managing agents but in today’s climate we disagree.

We are in unprecedented times and as such NG have adapted in order to provide the best advice possible. If that means providing guidance to worried tenants helping them navigate the sheer amount of information that is out there, then we feel it’s the right thing to do. We are using our trusted professional contacts, such as solicitors, rating specialists to provide the most relevant information. With landlords and tenants working together it will that will help them both and ultimately ensure wherever possible business get through this.

Our team are happy to assist any commercial Landlords or Tenants, even if you are not currently clients of NG, on any property related matters. You are not alone and perhaps just talking with us will help relieve some stress and take your property headache away.

REMEMBER, with the current movement restrictions we can’t come to see you so the best way of making initial contact is via the email addresses below, and then one of us will get back to you

James McArthur – [email protected]
Jude Weston – [email protected]
Suzannah Allen- [email protected]

To find out more, feel free to contact us, give us a call on 0115 958 8599 or email [email protected].