Diversity Statement

At NG Chartered Surveyors we are committed to achieving an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace. We are passionate about building a culture where difference is valued and everyone feels they belong.

Since 2018 we have increased our appointments of female surveyors and we are now composed of 60% female representation across the business and across all levels.

Following her promotion in January 2021 we also have a female Director at Board level, contrary to the general tone of the market and our competitors.

We have created a level playing field and our graduate hiring and apprentice training programmes are a significant driver for change across our organisation.

An inclusive workplace means making the opportunities accessible to everyone, then giving everyone the chance through our process to achieve their true potential.

As well as exploring further strategies to develop our approach, we have the following initiatives in place:

  • We are partnered with The Careers & Enterprise Company and providing an Enterprise Adviser to support a local school.
  • Mentoring younger female members of the team in helping them achieve their professional goals.
  • At all levels we are educating ourselves on key diversity topics, through lunch and learn workshops and ongoing conversations across the organisation.
  • We are also piloting a reverse mentoring programme to help provide our leadership team with different perspectives from across the business.
  • As a result our firm is now one of the more diverse and inclusive in the East Midlands.

As a small business we are very proud of the strides we have taken to committing to a diverse, talented team, and encouraging those individuals in their chosen field of expertise and interest. We are also committed to improving the individual skill sets and adding a wider skill set to their repertoire.

Our commitment to doing better remains stronger than ever……standing still has never been an option.