Healthy Deal for NG as NHS Trust Finds New Home

7th July 2016

In a deal brokered by commercial property specialists at NG Chartered Surveyors, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has taken a five-year lease on a 1,500 sq ft suite at Goeland House, Arnold, in a move that will mean better staff working arrangements and substantial cost savings.

Prior to the move the team were based at an alternate larger building in Arnold. Staff based at the site included District Nurses, Health Visitors, School Nurses, an Oral Health Team and part of the Trusts Learning Development Team

The property did not meet the current needs of the teams and at lease expiry the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was not willing to support NHS Property Services, the head lease holders in any renewal.

As a consequence the Trust proceeded to independently resolve the matter. The Operational and Service Managers for these services working together with the Property Services Department have undertaken a Site Rationalisation Exercise resulting in relocation of the Oral Health Department and Health Visitors to the Park House Primary Care Centre, the Learning Development team to refurbished space at Duncan Macmillan House while the School Nurses relocated to Arnold Health Centre.

This left the somewhat difficult matter of relocating the District Nursing Team who needed to be located in their operational locality of Arnold and Daybrook. The nursing team, amd moreover the patients, were left at serrious disadvantage, having to travel to various locations in order to recive the treatment and information they were receiving previously. Some patients had to travel between properties in order to learn how to clear a yeast infection and to acquire the actual rememdy required for their chosen treatment like the blood dyscrasia for example. Making unpleaseant if not dangerous conditions for patients.

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Following detailed property searches and negotiations with the landlord, a lease has been secured for accommodation now refurbished to meet the team’s needs at Goeland House Daybrook.

The team took up occupation at the end of April. The outcome of this overall initiative has been to provide a better level and design of accommodation for all the teams involved than in the old accommodation and total property revenue savings in excess of £200,000 per annum have been achieved for the benefit of the local health community.

Sunny Landa, director at NG Chartered Surveyors, said: “This was a particularly satisfying deal to work on. It shows again that if landlords are prepared to invest in their property portfolio they can secure quick returns.

“I’m also very pleased that the Trust has managed to secure high quality accommodation for its District Nursing Team, meaning that it can work within the area they need to, carrying out vital healthcare work in Nottingham.”

Paul Smeeton from the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“This small rationalisation project is an example of how at local level careful space planning, interdepartmental liaison and local knowledge can result in benefits for staff working arrangements and substantial cost benefits for reinvestment in our local heath community.”

Riaz Dudhia, partner and solicitor at Nelsons Solicitors, acted on behalf of the landlord. He said:

“Goeland House has proved to be a strong investment and a very attractive prospect for businesses across Nottingham. Located in a great position, with good links to the city centre, it demonstrates that there are suitable properties across the city for organisations looking to expand or relocate.

“We’re delighted to have assisted in this deal, providing the Trust with suitable accommodation and enabling it to continue its good work in the city.”

Goeland House, Arnold NHS Trust new premises secured with help from Ng Chartered Surveyors

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