Interview with Charlotte Steggles: If you’re good enough, you’re old enough

17th May 2019

How have you found the nine months since starting at NG?

It’s certainly been a bit of an eye-opener away from the classroom and into the “real world”!! I have been exposed to lots of different situations and experiences. Most have been good and others have been more challenging. At university they try to teach you a lot in a short amount of time – you get a small understanding of lots of different areas within the industry. But you don’t get the chance to actually learn all of the individual disciplines and enable yourself to get a deeper understanding.

What similarities do you see between being part of a football team and part of the NG team – and could businesses learn anything from sport in this respect?

Being part of any team means that you will have your ups and downs. There will be days when you need your team’s support. I do see the corporate world moving away from having the traditional office/desk work and agile working is becoming a bigger thing. However, I believe that you need to have a base where the team can come together to gather their thoughts, discuss important issues and make tactical decisions as bouncing ideas of each other is an essential part of any business.

There’s an old saying in football: “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.” To take the footballing analogy further, if you train hard enough to become match fit then NG aren’t afraid to involve you in their ‘big match’ projects. The company promotes talent – whatever their background, age, gender or ethnicity – and that’s really refreshing.

What has been the biggest thing you’ve learned during your time at NG?

I’ve learnt a lot about all the different levels you have to go through to complete a project. Whether that’s a letting or rent review – there are always lots of different parts to each process and nothing is ever straight forward.

Do you think it’s harder for women to break into the property industry and is this changing?

From my experience it is just as hard for a woman to break into the industry as it is being a man. I think currently we actually have an advantage at NG – especially if I look across how many female surveyors there are across the rest of the Nottingham industry. So as a female if you are dealing with a client or another surveyor then they are more likely going to remember you because you’re a woman. From my perspective this can only be a positive. NG were the first firm to secure the RICS Inclusive Employer status in the East Midlands so its not an issue here

Across my university course a lot of the next generation of surveyors will actually be female. So I’d say in the next 10-15 years the levels of male and females within the market will start to level out.

What advice would you give other students looking for a career in the industry?

To definitely get some work experience before you decide to do a degree in real estate. I also think you have to make the most of networking events, get to know as many people as you can and get your name out there.

Finally, who’s the best footballer at NG?

Me, I don’t think anyone else would argue with this either.

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