Meet the team: Charlotte Steggles

28th January 2021


Charlotte Steggles

Job Title

Graduate Surveyor

When did you join NG?

I undertook a placement year with NG from June 2018-2019 and then rejoined NG in September 2020 after I’d graduated.

Where did you train/study?

Nottingham Trent University

Talk us through your typical day

In normal times I get to the office early to attend the morning ‘debrief’, where we discuss issues, general updates, latest deals and the structure of my day; no two days are ever the same. I am mainly part of the Agency Team and that involves meeting clients or interested parties for viewings, negotiating deals and making Richard lots of coffee!

What made you choose this profession?

When I was at school, I needed to undertake work experience and one of my friends’ dad’s is a surveyor, so I asked if I could work with him for the week. I always had an interest in property but I never realised, I could make a career out of it. After my work experience, I was sold, I really enjoyed being out and about and meeting new people. I knew this was the profession for me.

Tell us about working in the team?

I know it can sound cliché but the team at NG are like a family. We’re a small team and all have different strengths and attributes. We laugh, we sometimes disagree but we always have each other’s backs. Everyone is very supportive.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In the next few years, I will undertake my APC, which is the professional assessment, this will allow me to become ‘chartered’. This is my short-term goal.

It has been important for me to see the pathway that NG can offer my career and development. Jude is a perfect example of this, she came into NG two years ago as an Associate Director and now has been promoted to a Director. This is credit to her hard work and dedication. It’s great for me on a personal level to have a female role model to look up to.

Do you have a mentor at NG? How does that support your development?

My main mentor is Sunny for my day-to-day learning. Sunny has been great and I couldn’t be more thankful for the time he spends teaching, mentoring and assisting me.

Every Monday morning, we get in early and discuss a topic and cover this in detail, this support will ensure I am ready to sit my APC.

Part of the learning process is making mistakes and when I do make a mistake, we sit down and talk through what we’re going to put in place, to make sure it does not happen again.

I also have Sooty (Richard Sutton) who I work with on some projects. I take charge and he makes me think about the processes and what I need to do, he allows me to come up with the solutions, which has been important for my development, learning on the job and thinking on my feet.

Tell us about a funny experience at NG?

There are too many stories to tell, most of them involve cider and too many jager bombs!!

What do you do in your spare time?

I play football for Nottingham Forest Women. Most of my spare time away from work is spent training.

Favourite cocktail?

Pornstar Martini

Favourite place to holiday?

This is a tough one… I enjoy travelling and seeing new parts of the world. I love anywhere with sun and outdoor space to explore, adventure and find beauty spots. 

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