Meet the Team- Ellis Cullen

26th March 2021


Ellis Cullen

Job Title

Trainee Surveyor

When did you join NG?

August 2019

Where did you train/study?

I am currently still training. I am undertaking a degree apprenticeship which allows me to gain my qualifications alongside real life career experience. I am working towards becoming chartered.

Talk us through your typical day

I mainly work in the Agency Team with Sunny. My typical day includes visiting inspections; this could be warehouses, offices, taking measurements and reporting back to clients with my recommendations. I could be negotiating deals as well as enjoying fish and chips for our team lunch.

What made you choose this profession?

I have always had a huge interest in property, initially residential, we all enjoy looking at million-pound mansions on Rightmove!

I did my work experience with NG and loved every aspect of the business. I then had the opportunity to undertake a degree apprenticeship with NG and knew this was the perfect career choice for me – I’ve never looked back.

Tell us about working in team?
Working in a team is especially important in my role, as I am still studying and at the start of my career, I rely on the team to learn and build my skill set – from visiting locations for inspections or dealing with clients and reporting back important information. Everyone is so accommodating and helpful, they take time out of their day to teach me and support me, it’s been a fantastic experience so far.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
In five years’ time I will have a degree and be chartered. I will still be learning and building my skills and will continue to rely on the team to help me with tricky situations, but that’s what makes NG so special; everyone is there to help you out and support young talent.

Whats your top tip in the current climate?

Businesses will return to offices in time to come, there will always be a place in the commercial property market for office space. The inside of the office environment will evolve and become more open plan, collaborative spaces for team discussions will be the way forward.

Do you have a mentor at NG? How does that support your development?

I work closely with Sunny, he helps me and guides me through processes. He has been crucial in my development, whether it’s 5am (he likes to send early emails) or later in the evening, he is always there to support me and offer me advice.

Sunny will agree that I ask lots of questions, as it’s the best way to learn and he always accommodates every question, even if it may be trivial. He has included me in various projects, the majority of trainee or graduate surveyors wouldn’t get the opportunity to see, which has hugely helped my development and training.

Tell us about a funny experience at NG?

Where to begin?.. probably when Charlotte was flying the drone for a roof inspection and a flock of birds tried attacking the drone.

What do you do in your spare time?

My spare time is largely given over to sports or the gym. I play hockey for NTU which occupies most evenings and weekends. I also go to the gym before work, to start the day off right: full of energy and motivation.

Favourite cocktail?

Has to be an Espresso Martini, although I don’t actually like coffee!

Favourite place to holiday?

I still have so many places to go, but so far it must be LA or Las Vegas, the hotels there were phenomenal and so much to see and do. 

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