Meet the team – James McArthur

11th February 2021


James McArthur

Job Title

Director – Head of the Commercial Management Department

When did you join NG?

It will be five years in May (I wonder if they have planned a celebratory gift)

Where did you work before NG?

I previously worked at Innes England where I progressed to Associate Director, before moving on to join Chesterton Humberts, to head up their Commercial Management Department.

I was then wooed by Sooty (Richard Sutton) and Sunny and felt the NG ethos and culture was the perfect fit for me.

Where did you train/study?

Nottingham Trent University studying Law.

Talk us through your typical day?

I know all my other colleagues have mentioned this, but the reason I love surveying is no two days are the same, especially in commercial management.

It is difficult to plan your day; we can’t predict who is going to call us with the next property related issue.

In the most part it involves me trying to solve problems (I am a professional problem solver, there should be a certificate for that title. I will speak to Sooty about that later).

The problems range from insurance claims, lease renewals, a repairs issue or some sort of lease dispute.

As you can appreciate, I am on the phone most of the day, which is why the new office features my very own soundproof booth. I charge rent if anyone else wants to use the “JIMMY BOOTH”.

How did the pandemic impact the property market?

I think the impact of Covid on the property market has been well publicised. It has been tough but at NG we have adapted quickly to take advantage of these uncertain times, which has paid dividends.

Don’t get me wrong, the next six months will continue to be challenging, but we have the best team possible to deal with those challenges.

My world in property management has been crazy. I deal with tenants and some difficult conversations have taken place over the last nine months. This third lockdown has made the conversations become even more difficult, but here at NG we work with both the tenants and landlords to find sensible solutions and resolve issues quickly.

Whats your top tip for any commercial property owners in the current climate?

Adapt and be flexible and think outside the box. It is almost a system reset. Tenants are now looking at commercial properties differently, therefore landlords need to change their mindset.

Tell us about the team ethos at NG?

It is brilliant. Everyone supports each other and gets stuck in to support team goals, rather than individual targets, and this has led to our growth over the last year as we have navigated these difficult times together.

It is refreshing in this industry and I couldn’t be prouder of my commercial management team and my fellow partners, their support has been outstanding.

Tell us about a funny experience at NG?

Seeing Sunny in his furry Trainers. I can’t explain them, but they are a sight to behold.

You have to be a special sort of person, to pull them off and Sunny does it brilliantly.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spending time with my family. My son has just joined Burton Joyce football team, so I love watching him on Saturday mornings at football training. Even when it is raining and cold, I’m a proud dad on the sidelines. I am also a keen golfer and try to play as often as possible, unfortunately I don’t play enough to improve my handicap.

Favourite cocktail?

I am not going to say Pornstar Martini like my other colleagues. During lockdown my wife got me into Ameretto Sours or a Cosmopolitan.

Favourite place to holiday?

Anywhere where there is no phone signal or internet, as I find it impossible to switch off.

I would go back to the Maldives tomorrow if I could, sun, sea and no signal. 

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