Meet the team: Jude Weston

22nd January 2021

NG have made a flying start to 2021 by promoting Jude Weston to Director. Here, we talk to Jude about her promotion, future plans and how she has impacted the business since joining in 2018.


Jude Weston

Job Title

Director at NG Chartered Surveyors

When did you join NG?


Where did you work before NG?

I worked for Innes England, in their asset management department.

Where did you train/study?

I attended Nottingham Trent University.

Talk us through a typical day of a Chartered Surveyor

No two days are ever the same, and that’s what attracted me to the profession. The possibilities and scope are varied and you must learn to adapt to your environment – no room for snoozing as a Chartered Surveyor!

Asset management encourages me to think outside the box and provide the best possible advice and service for my clients. My working week is split between time on site, in the office and working from home.

I could be administering a service charge, instructing contractors on a job, supporting clients with insurance cover one day – and presenting a report over Zoom to clients and chasing tenants arrears the next.

Since joining NG, I have become an RICS registered valuer and I am enjoying the additional experience this brings to my professional repertoire.

You have made an impact on the business in the last two years, tell us a bit about what you have been working on?

Joining NG has allowed me to spread my wings and become more involved with the running of the business and impact on decision-making.

The last few years have been an extremely challenging business environment to operate in, and, as a company, we have had to be ahead of the curve. We had to think proactively and remain positive at all times. Joining the Asset Management team and providing support to our Head of Department James McArthur, has allowed us to combine our strengths and plan for the future of the business. We are very excited.

Tell us about your NG ethos and the future?

Teamwork, kindness and respect are at the heart of what we do. Each team member is individually strong and experts in their professional fields. We apply the right team member to the right instruction. We’re not afraid to challenge each other and question decisions, in order to deliver the best possible advice to our clients. We’re excited for what 2021 has to bring and confident we have the best team in place for success.

What’s your top tip for any property and asset management needs in the current climate?

The best Asset Manager will treat a client’s property as if it was their own, taking pride and considering all the decisions carefully.

How do you mentor the younger team members?

By being present and there for them, in a professional and personal capacity. Including them in projects and decisions and trusting their judgements and opinions. I encourage the younger team members to develop their own unique skills, learn along the way and build specific interests in the profession.

Showing them that as a busy working mother, as long as you are organised, have the drive and the passion to succeed, you can have everything.

Life is for the taking, you have to go out and get it.

Tell us about a funny experience at NG?

There are too many to mention, how long do we have?!

What do you do in your spare time?

I love nothing more than fresh air, walking with my friends and family, travelling and helping to run a charity called Every Cloud; we raise funds, to organise treats for people diagnosed with breast cancer.

Favourite cocktail?

Has to be the Pornstar Martini!

Favourite place to holiday?

I love New Zealand; the picturesque landscape, the fresh air and the crashing of the Pacific Ocean in the background and sipping on a Pornstar Martini, of course!  

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