Modern Day Influencers – Colin Maber

9th June 2017

Colin Maber is the founder of Maber Architects, Former Chairman of the MCC’s Estates Committee, Manager of the MCC’s recent cricket Tour to Nepal,co- founder of the “Children in Ladakh” Charity and a director of Turning Point Investments, and annoyingly an all-round good bloke.

Having set up Maber Architects over 30 years ago and selling it to the management in 2005, Colin worked alongside Nottinghamshire County Cricket Clubs Chairman Derek Brewer to deliver the total transformation of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. This dream started back in 1991 with the original masterplan, Maber’s went on to design a number of stands and facilities that transformed the ground to the point where it hosted rounds of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in 2012 and was awarded the honour of hosting the Ashes in 2012 and 2015.

Trent Bridge is now generally accepted as England’s premier cricket ground outside London and in 2012 in a list published by The Cricketer Magazine, Trent Bridge was named in the world’s top 5 Test cricket grounds.

This stood Colin in good stead as in May 2013 the MCC announced their new Lords Masterplan with Colin at its helm. This started with the redevelopment of the Warner Stand in late 2014 and delivery of the whole Masterplan is due to finish in 2027 with the reconstruction of the Compton and Edrich stands. The project will cement Lord’s position as the world’s finest cricket ground, with an estimated project value well in excess of £300m.

In his “spare” time Colin went on a trekking holiday to the remote Ladakh region of the Himalayas (as you do) with a crowd of pals. Whilst there he found that the regions children only get schooling up to the age of 8 locally, after that and on the basis their parents can afford it they send their children on a 12 day walk to the larger regional school. You’ll be pleased to hear in winter it only takes 8 days as they get there by walking on a frozen river. The condition in which the children lived appalled Colin so he decided to do something about it and together with a few of the other trekkers he formed the “Children of Ladakh” charity. With a huge amount of fundraising and effort 5yrs later they had built them living accommodation for 400 students. The Dalai Lama himself performed the opening ceremony of the new building!

Colin is also involved with Turning Point Investments, a Dragons Den style business providing financial support and business advice to SME’s, the most famous of them being Derby based HUUB, now world leaders in Triathlon clothing, wetsuits and equipment worn by amongst others the Brownlee brothers. Turning Point concentrate on the business side as opposed to the public image, something that sums Colin up again is his reluctance to be in the spotlight.

One of our directors Richard Sutton has  known Colin all his working life and Colin hasn’t treated him any differently since their first meeting in 1987 when Richard, as a trainee surveyor on work placement, dropped a file into Colin’s office for our former boss Philip Giles . He has become his friend and mentor, but more importantly and something we should all be grateful for, he is someone who has helped make Nottingham famous throughout the sporting world.

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