NG Ryder Cup 2018

29th June 2018

James McArthur, director at NG, looks back at another successful golfing event

Our second Annual Golf day has now been and gone and we are left in the aftermath of what was once again a fantastic day.

Let me first of all say a huge thank you to all of our clients for joining us and making the day so relaxed. You are the reason we put this day on, and it is our way of saying thank you for working with us and trusting us with your property assets.

I also should say a huge thank you to my co-directors, especially to Sooty and Sarah. Sooty for his creative vision, attention to detail and inch perfect organisational skills (I believe he has missed a potential calling as wedding planner) and Sarah for her ruthless efficiency ensuring everything was done on budget and everyone turned up. I witnessed some of the best negotiating, watching her sort the catering for the day. I felt terrified and I was just a bystander – Lord Alan Sugar would have been proud!

My last thank you is to the English weather, which for our second annual golf day, was once again very kind to us, if not a little too kind. Less beers were drunk during the round than last year and water consumption was very much the order of the day.

Last year’s event was a huge success, and at NG we strive to adapt and improve on things, it is in our blood. So with it being a Ryder Cup year we decided that we would hold our very own NG Ryder Cup. Our clients were split into teams of Europe and USA, with Sooty and Sunny being the team captains. Obviously Sunny was team captain for the USA, and anyone who knows him will understand why – Sunny, loud? Never! As well as the standard tried and tested stableford 4ball, we added a matchplay element to enable us to decide whether the cool and calm Europeans would reign supreme or whether the loud and brash USA would take home the honours. It was close but more on that later.

So what I can I say about the quality of golf?  Good, bad, indifferent…

Dan Belfield of B&M Installations certainly embraced the spirit of John Daley (similar dress sense – pink shorts???) and hit a monstrous drive to take home the longest drive trophy. Dan Gribby in the first group set the target for closest to the pin, which was not bettered by the eight groups following. As my USA teammate in our 4ball, I was chuffed he was able to take home the closest to the pin trophy.

Paul Smith took home the David Hasselhoff award for spending more time in the sand and water than the Berlin Wall breaker himself.

Well done Kevin Lock, Keiron Crowther, Ian Goodacre and John Beech for winning the team event. Kieron’s last drive of the day (one I wished I witnessed) is one that will be talked about as much as the famous Seve Ballesteros’s shot in the 1985 Ryder Cup on the 10th hole at the Belfry. Driving the green on a par 4 in one, splitting the bunkers to utter perfection. Take a bow, Mr Crowther. That is a banker and the reason us amateur golfers persist with this game. Moments of glory. Although I never found out – did you hole the next putt?

Now on to the two big prizes of the day: who won the team event and who won the NG Green Jacket.

The Green Jacket was taken home by the El Bandito known as Mark Van Keulen of Carve. Now, Mark is a good friend of NG and helped us to design all of the invitations, mugs and scorecards and so we are chuffed to bits that he won; but the handicap committee (me) has convened overnight and your handicap has been reduced from 28 to 10 for the next 10 years. Twenty-six points in the back nine – one word: BANDIT. No in all seriousness, well played, it was thoroughly deserved to string a run of scores on the back nine in that heat. For anyone that follows us on Twitter, check out the boomerang video of Mark receiving his jacket, it is like a scene from the film Twins. Thank you Neil Chatburn, our returning champion for being such a good sport. Also stop trying to return the jacket – it is yours to keep, one day you may grow into it!!!

So, who won the Ryder Cup?

Well, the USA of course.

Thank you everyone for supporting us, thank you for making it such a great day and it is an honour working with you all. It leaves me with one last question:

Shall we do it again next year?

To find out more, feel free to contact us, give us a call on 0115 958 8599 or email [email protected].