NG secures key locations for Decorum Estates.

25th February 2021

Decorum Estates is a Nottingham-based property development firm, with over 25 years’ experience across the UK.

With a complete suite of in-house services that span the entire property lifecycle, the business offers its clients market knowledge with a pragmatic approach to risk and reward.

Active across the wider Midlands area and owned by Chris Carlisle, Decorum Estates wanted to increase their presence in the development arena closer to their home base of Nottingham, hence they turned to NG to help fulfil this objective.

The objective was clear for NG, with Decorum Estates being specific with the two areas of focus around small starter unit range and the mid-range of 20-50,000 sq ft.

After a series of online meetings and calls, NG were clear on how to help Decorum achieve their desired outcome.

Richard Sutton, MD at NG, initiated several searches and acquisition programmes on behalf of Decorum Estates which yielded positive results, allowing them to move into this arena in the perfect location.

Richard and Chris have known each other for almost 20 years and understand how each other’s aims and objectives can work together to drive results and success in the property development world. It is an enormously powerful and dynamic working relationship that is delivering dividends to increase the profile of both businesses and brands, into this year and for the future. NG have been working with Decorum Estates for eight years and during this time NG have considered each opportunity on a case-by-case basis as opposed to having an acquisition programme focussed in specific geographical areas and sectors.

The results speak for themselves, with two development sites secured and currently in negotiations to secure two more sites in 2021. The Langley Mill site, acquired by Decorum with their joint venture partner Total Developments in January 2021, is due to have planning permission determined by mid-May, with speculative development commencing in June 2020. This is a landmark moment for both businesses.

NG are not only fulfilling the objectives set out by Decorum Estates, but this partnership is helping to increase the profile of Decorum Estates in the local area and re-establish them as a local force.

This project clearly shows NG’s ability to manage large scale acquisition, letting of units and the sales of the finished project, a complete end to end service.

With clear acquisition targets set from until 2022, NG are on track to hit all the key milestones in this project.

Richard said:

“This is a real step forward for NG and for Decorum Estates, headed by highly-regarded Chris Carlisle, as the company moves into this prime sector of the market.

A planning application for one 30,000 sq ft and one 40,000 sq ft unit is about to be submitted and the development will be built out this year. We wish Chris all the best with the new joint venture.”

Chris Carlisle of Decorum Estates said:

“This key location will help address the latent and ever-increasing demand for mid-box industrial space. We will be submitting our planning application shortly.

We have been working with Richard for over 20 years now and he continues to assist us with our ever-growing industrial portfolio.”

To find out more, feel free to contact us, give us a call on 0115 958 8599 or email [email protected].