No D!ckheads: NG’s Business Maxim

1st March 2017

We are rapidly approaching the fifth anniversary of the new “NG” and to be honest we all still refer to it as the “Newco”.Change was essential back in 2012 when we took the decision to relocate and restructure and when we did one thing was at the forefront of our thinking; “No Dickheads”.

Please don’t be offended by the phrase, we borrowed it from the All Blacks who in turn borrowed it from the Sydney Swans Aussie Rules Football Club and it’s a mantra that we swear by. We needed people who would not only work hard for themselves but also for the person sitting next to them. A single selfish mind set ruins team spirit; it’s a powerful but simple statement but if you live by it, it maintains a great working environment.

We have learned a lot over the last 5 years and when people look back you could say the market was testing to say the least. Our character seems to have come out of it well, our turnover and market share has increased year on year and our standing amongst competitors has been enhanced.

2016 recorded our best Newco trading figures with, as expected, 64% of our deals coming in the industrial sector and 30% in the office market (learn more details). This comes as no surprise as we are incredibly strong in both areas.

We made our first significant addition to the team last year by headhunting James McArthur from Chesterton Humberts to head up our commercial management division. Although he has been with us for less than a year, it’s as if he was here from the start; as I say “No D***h***s”

A director of NG, James’ personality, ability and attitude has been embraced by the team and by clients alike.

We aren’t afraid to continue to learn and progress. A great guide to us has been a thought provoking book “Legacy” by James Kerr, who spent 15 months embedded with the All Blacks and before the non-rugby enthusiasts tune out, give it a chance, it can show you new ways to improve yourself and your business.

NGCS aren’t the biggest practice in the East Midlands and we don’t want to be, we will never be too big to do the small things that need to be done.

“Legacy” taught us a few other rules;

“Our values decide our character.”

“Our character decides our value”

Sunny Landa is a pure product of NG, arriving as a graduate, working hard to become MRICS, moving on again to a full shareholding director and has now become an APC Assessor. We have always tried to create a learning environment where leaders become teachers and this is a perfect example of how this happens.

The directors at NG all have a shared responsibility to make things happen and by this have a shared ownership in ensuring our people deliver.

We all have our roles and our responsibilities and we respect each other’s roles within the firm, this way our clients when dealing with any one of us are actually dealing with all of us, as “Legacy” informs us “the strength of the wolf is in the pack”.


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