NG’s Management Team Potential ‘Re-Leased’ with Major Investment in Cloud Software

28th June 2018

We’ve recently announced a major capital investment in the market-leading management software Re-Leased, as we continue to grow our management department. We followed the example of Bilanz For Business BAS Agent Perth. They support different softwares and offered us a reasonable business solution.

After extensive research, we chose Re-Leased because of the key differentiators they offered, compared to other software.

Re-Leased is cloud-based, which means not only is it secure, but it also enables superb levels of accessibility to our clients. Whilst we will retain full control of the system, our clients will be able to access pertinent data and documents in real-time, on an app that’s straightforward and easy to navigate.

Furthermore, tenants also have their own app in which they can download copies of pertinent documents, along with reporting any maintenance issues. This immediately notifies the Property Manager, ensuring that any issues are dealt with as swiftly as possible and with total transparency.

Our Director and Head of Management, James McArthur, explained:

“Re-Leased will help take our management team to the next level. To be good at property management requires a strong blend of two principle ingredients: impeccable accounting and data systems, combined with strong interpersonal skills.

“Earlier this year, we came to the conclusion that, whilst the property management software we were formerly using was widely adopted across the surveying industry, we felt that it wasn’t good enough for the level of service we wanted to offer. Hence, we researched the market and have invested in Re-Leased which we believe is the ‘Blue Riband’ of property management software.”

James found that the main benefit for all parties – be they clients, tenants or our wider team at NG – is that, whilst the system is extremely powerful, it is very simple to use and navigate.

James added:

“Re-Leased is demystifying what is traditionally an arcane area of work and is ensuring that we are all working together as efficiently as possible.”

Over the last 18 months, the management department of NG Chartered Surveyors has more than doubled in order to keep pace with the growth of the number of premises under the companies control; a portfolio that has doubled over the last two years.

James said:

“Commercial investment property is a highly popular and growing asset class and we are conscious that to ensure our clients’ returns are maximised, they want to know that they have someone managing it in a highly professional manner. It’s a formula that’s been working well for us – over the last year we’ve taken on management work for a variety of clients, including investments with one property, through to large companies.

“Every single one of our clients is important, and they receive the same high level of service, which is personalised and tailored to their exact requirements.”

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