Property Consultants to Offer New Mediation Service

30th April 2013

Nottingham property consultants NG Chartered Surveyors has expanded its dispute resolution services now that one of its partners has become an accredited commercial mediator.

Richard Sutton completed the Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Programme with the ADR Group in Manchester. The course is approved by both the Law Society and the Bar Council.

Richard says that what he learned on the course will help NG build on its existing services, as well as allow him to confidently handle commercial disputes on behalf of businesses inside and outside the property industry.

He said: “I’ve worked in commercial property for many years and it has often occurred to me that a professional commercial mediation service would be something that would be really helpful to our clients and partners.

“Unfortunately sometimes there will be conflict over anything from property management to boundary disputes. Disagreements between, for example, landlords and tenants, can quickly escalate to the point that it becomes difficult for people to do business together.

“As an accredited commercial mediator I can also offer this new service to any business – not just property companies.

“Disputes are upsetting but mediation is a sensible, cost effective way of reaching a solution that is agreeable to both parties. Litigation is expensive, stressful and time consuming – and produces an outcome that it imposed on people rather than agreed between them. Mediation is the far more preferable route.

According to Richard, the secret of good mediation is approaching the dispute in a calm, rational and collected way to diffuse the situation.

“It is important to listen to and understand each person’s point of view”, said Richard, “but then to try and separate the problem from the person to take the emotion out of the dispute. Confidentiality is absolutely essential and at the heart of the service, so people shouldn’t be frightened of the mediation process. With my commercial mediation service people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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