Relaxing and Unwinding With NG Director James McArthur

11th April 2018

Ever wondered how one of the busiest property agents in the East Midlands relaxes in the evening? We spoke to our Director James McArthur, to find out.

So, how do you relax at the weekend?

Relaxing at the weekends has taken on an entirely new meaning since having my son Jasper, who will be three in August. That means no more lie-ins or Soccer AM for me!

To be honest, I don’t find it too difficult to relax, although no two weekends are the same. We’re always doing something as a family, whether it’s going for a walk, going scootering, or meeting up with friends and family.

We’re also doing a lot around the house at the minute, and I’ve tried to be more hands-on, which I find to be extremely rewarding and relaxing. Currently, I’m making a coffee table out of roof joists and legs from old pieces of furniture, which will eventually sit on our decking.

How many hours do you work at the weekend on average?

I do try and avoid working on a weekend, as it’s the time to shut down and escape from work, and spend time with loved ones. However, technology can make that difficult, especially when you see your inbox increasing, it’s hard not to respond.

As I head up the management department at NG Chartered Surveyors, I’m unable to totally switch off, and sometimes issues will arise over the weekend that need to be dealt with quickly.

However, having a work/life balance is extremely important, and the support all of my colleagues at NG give me, makes that easy to do.

What’s your favourite…

Holiday Destination?

Without a doubt, the Maldives! I went there on my honeymoon, and it was so amazing and relaxing. The clearest blue waters were just a ten-foot walk from our beach-hut, and it was so idyllic.

The fresh fish was amazing, and the snorkelling was awesome too – although I did panic at one point when I swam above a stingray (Steve Irwin’s unfortunate death may have crossed my mind!). I don’t think I’ve ever swum so fast in my life before, much to the amusement of my wife who was watching from the beach.


Well, with iTunes I don’t really listen to albums – I tend to purchase songs I like instead, and I have a pretty eclectic taste. However, if I had to choose, I’d say Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction.


I like most food except for liver and kidney, but that’s a throwback to my school days! It’s a toss up between a full English breakfast, and steak and chips. Why not have one as a starter and the other as a main course, with a glass of Pinot Noir to wash it down? Followed by tiramisu, of course.

TV Programme?

That’s hard – there are so many good programmes on at the moment! Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are both brilliant, so I couldn’t pick between them. Also, I’ve just binge-watched Line of Duty, which was also great.

With the likes of Netflix and Amazon, there are so many programmes available to watch, even the classics like Breaking Bad, The West Wing and 24.

Website or App?

Apps, as they’re much more convenient and easy. You can set up notifications which means you never miss a thing – although I am conscious of putting my iPhone away when I’m with my family.

Describe your typical Sunday evening

My wife is an excellent cook, so it usually starts with an early family dinner. It’s nice, because it’s the one day where we can sit down and all eat together. After that, we’ll bathe Jasper before putting him to bed; then we chill out with a glass of red wine whilst watching a movie, or the latest drama on the BBC.

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