School’s out – but how can you make your office space ready for the next generation?

20th August 2019

With the school holidays in full swing, many of us will be thinking ahead to when our children enter the workplace. But have developers and landlords been asking the next generation what they want from the offices of the future? Here at NG, we have. Here are four things we’ve been hearing from the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

1. Location remains the number one concern for young business owners. But they also want break-out areas and collaborative spaces, high speed web access and to have access to a public transport hub, such as a railway station or tram stop.

Landlords should also remember that while young entrepreneurs want to move into refurbished buildings, they also want something a little funkier. Why not think outside the box and not simply modernise – but repurpose?

2. Landlords not only need to keep on top of their game – they should strive to be ahead of the curve. For instance, adding extra details and elements like a porch rocking chair .If your property can offer something that no other can in the city, then you’re on to a winner. Brand alignment is everything to the young business owner – they can grow theier business, while at the same time offer lifestyle perks to their employees. From what we are seeing landlords who offer holistic packages are reaping the advantages.

Being comfortable at work plays a massive role in staff productivity, especially the millennial generation, so think about introducing ergonomic furniture throughout the workplace, such as height adjustable tables and chairs to promote good posture. Think 2020 workplace perks to impress millennials. Not only will this show your staff that you care about their wellbeing, it will also reduce the real possibility of your staff developing musculoskeletal pain and other health ailments which will lead to absences from work.

By introducing furniture pieces that are multifunctional and modular. Chairs, tables and benches that are designed with flexibility in mind will allow your staff to create spaces that are suited to differing needs on any given day, giving them greater autonomy on how the office looks and feels. Their responses will always be positive as the office will change and evolve as required for each and every situation.

Also consider how much natural light and fresh air is circulating around your office. A stale and dingy office will only promote negativity and will hugely weigh down on your team, making them less likely to want to work harder or more effectively.

Modern businesses demand that our staff are more adaptable and flexible than ever. And so it’s only natural to expect your workplace to do the same!

3. Health in the workplace is now not only a hot topic, it’s seen as mainstream – and expected. Can you incorporate a gym space into your property to entice tenants? Millennials also want to have a strong sense of place and community and to feel part of something bigger and collaborate with other young talent, bringing forward innovation and creativity. And, needless to say, they want to be able to shop, eat and bank before, during or after work.

Because of this younger people want to travel light. Installing apps to access buildings is a great way of doing this.

Add into the mix electric charging points for vehicles, good-quality coffee machines and touches such as kettletaps will save you time – and you’ll be saving more time – and making more money.

4. Every employer wants to ensure they have have a productive workforce that shows a positive attitude to being at work. Essentially, that comes down to the atmosphere and environment you create, so the design and layout of your workspace plays a huge part in this process.

Office design trends vary from business to business but the general consensus is, the younger millennial workforce coming through the ranks demands are greater amount of flexibility and adaptability in the workplace.

Having been born into a world where connectivity and technology is commonplace, it’s no wonder they expect a different working environment to past generations.

Think tech – and think big. Cloud computing, ultra fast broadband, tablets, OLED screens and wearable tech will bizarrely, I believe, make technology less, rather than more, visible in the office workplace. The omnipresence of technology and the Internet of Things can make it easy for a landlord of the future office to know when a tenant has entered or left a building, ordered a coffee, grabbed a sandwich from a fridge, printed a report or even chosen to sleep in a bedroom, given that the notion of the working day is ebbing away.

You might think that the future is years away, but it’ll be hear sooner than you think. Now is the time to act – contact us for ways to futureproof your portfolio.   

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