Commercial Property Mediation

It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes arise between companies and organisations.  Sometimes these are major, sometimes they are minor, but left unresolved they lead both sides to entrenching their position, clouding judgements and irreparably souring a relationship. In such circumstances, people typically think the only way to resolve the matter is to litigate which is expensive and time consuming.

Mediation offers an alternative solution to conflict resolution. It is a highly confidential and cost effective way to resolve conflict, typically with the matter being concluded to all parties’ satisfaction within a working day.

NG Chartered Surveyors have now expanded their Dispute Resolution Service to be able to offer a Commercial Mediation Service.  Director, Richard Sutton, is an ADR Group trained Civil & Commercial Mediator.  His mediation service is not limited to property related disputes and can extend to any commercial matter.

We would be happy to discuss our services with anyone who is struggling to resolve an outstanding dispute. All referrals are treated in total confidence. Please contact us using our form or call Richard Sutton direct on 0115 9897 094.