Commercial Property Acquisitions Services

Over the years, NG Chartered Surveyors have helped many new companies acquire their first commercial property and existing businesses relocate into either larger or sometimes smaller premises, both on a freehold and leasehold basis.

At NG we pride ourselves on our commercial property acquisitions expertise and we are firmly of the opinion that seeking timely advice from the outset will pay dividends, not only in the short term by negotiating more favourable terms, but also in the longer term by using our experience to ensure that potential issues do not become problems in the future.

Our expertise isn’t just limited to technical knowledge, it also encompasses our understanding of the market and the dynamic undercurrents that flow within it.

As an example, we identified a 150,000 sq.ft warehouse for sale in Nottingham for a client and because we knew the motivation behind the sale, and more importantly understanding that it needed to be sold by a certain date, we were able to acquire the premises for less than a quarter of the quoted price, achieving a multi-million pound saving. Whilst we can’t promise such a saving on every occasion, it does illustrate our worth.

How Our Commercial Property Acquisitions Services Work

Initial meeting
We understand property, but you know your own business far better than we ever will. So the first stage of any acquisition would be to meet with you to develop a brief as to what type of property you require, what attributes are most important to you and where it needs to be.

Property Acquisitions Search
We will undertake an initial search on your behalf and use our contacts and expertise in the market to pull together suitable options for you to consider.

Once a shortlist of possible candidates has been compiled, we will arrange to view these buildings with you to assess their suitability and value. We can also assemble a team of consultants such as Fit Out and M & E Consultants to cost up any works that may be required. Remember the perfect property may not be being openly marketed, but we may still know a way to acquire it for you.

Acquisition Strategy
Once a preferred option has been identified, we will formulate and advise you upon the appropriate acquisitions strategy to acquire or rent the premises on the most favourable terms.

We will then negotiate with the vendor or landlord’s agent to hopefully reach an agreement with them. This would be documented in an agreed set of Heads of Terms that will form the basis of the instruction for the lawyers to document.

Once lawyers have been instructed, we will maintain a close liaison with them to ensure that the deal progresses smoothly through to completion on a timescale to suit you.