Trent Lane Industrial Property Management

Industrial Property Management Services

At NG Chartered Surveyors, we offer a complete industrial property management service, designed to help you to maximise the capital value of your investments. With our experienced asset management abilities, you can rest assured that all costs and liabilities relating to your industrial property will be in very safe hands.

Our service takes into consideration the entire life cycle of your property. With our expert knowledge of the local property market, we can help you to find the perfect industrial premises for your business, before providing top level refurbishment advice.

We can coordinate contractors, and consultants to help you to adapt your property to suit your unique business requirements. We can also identify and implement appropriate environmental strategies to help you to ensure that your industrial practices are compliant with any and all regulations, and to help you to satisfy your corporate social responsibility directives.

Throughout your property’s life cycle, we can take care of all the ongoing tasks required to successfully maintain your industrial property, leaving you free to get on with the more pressing aspects of your business. Our service is always tailored to suit our clients’ unique business requirements, but it can include the management of:

  • Rent collection
  • Finances
  • Health & Safety and risk
  • Insurance

All the while, we will ensure that your practices remain compliant with all lease, statutory, and sustainability regulations. So as to ensure that your business can always operate at the most efficient level possible, we can assist you in the employment of any onsite staff, and in the procurement of any required contractors.

Finally, we can also be of assistance when the time comes to vacate your premises, helping you to find suitable new industrial property to let or industrial units for sale for your ongoing operations, and a new occupier for your previous premises. In short, our industrial property management service is designed to make your business operations run as smoothly, and as profitably, as possible.

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