Smashing through that glass ceiling

24th June 2021

LinkedIn News recently reported that in 2020 women dominated new Director role appointments in the FTSE 350 for the second year running, with 51% female share above the EU average of 48%.

This sounds great, doesn’t it? Wow – equal opportunities at the top table! But the reality is many businesses are under increasing pressure to improve the gender balance. So, are they just applying a tick box exercise?

Many of these appointments came from older professionals, retired executives in many cases, and in non-executive roles, meaning younger talented people had little opportunity to make it to the top table. So, although the Government-backed Hampton Alexander review pushed for exactly this to happen, it seems that it was not executed in the manner in which it was originally intended.

Let’s apply the same situation to football, topical at the moment. Look at the 1996 England squad – when Gazza scored his infamous goal against Scotland in the Euros, the majority of players were in their late 20s/early 30s. How diverse was the team, er not very? Fast forward to Gareth Southgate’s 2020/21 Euros side, most of the players in their early to mid-20s, and the most diverse team we have seen for many years. Mr. Southgate has embraced the talent of the younger players, whilst including respected players such as Captain Harry Kane, providing the necessary experience and level headedness.

The difference seems to be the investment at grass roots level. Making the sport accessible to all. Starting from the bottom up.

So why is the professional world so detached from this tactic? Answers on a postcard please.

The point is times HAVE TO CHANGE.

At NG we have. Our structure has women at all levels of the business – and it brings so much strength and balance to the team. From myself at Director level, involved with the more strategic running of the business to Charlotte Steggles, our Graduate Surveyor, working hard towards becoming Chartered, whilst having increasing responsibilities within the team, to Ellis Cullen, our undergraduate Surveyor who is studying as well as being an important asset to the Agency team.

We have no gender inequality, it’s all down to how good you are as a person, and how good you are at your job and to be blunt, after that the sky’s the limit

Businesses should be, and more importantly want to be, reflective of the World we live in. Those hiring and promoting employees for their talent, regardless of their age sex, race, are the ones breaking through that ceiling.

Let’s bring it down and make some noise whilst in the process.

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