Summertime: A Working Holiday for NG

15th August 2017

Summer’s here, and you might think that it’s finally time to go on holiday and put your feet up for a few weeks.

No chance, says Richard Sutton, director at NG Chartered Surveyors – the fast growing commercial property specialists.

Richard says that not so long ago the summer holidays were a time when business activity almost disappeared altogether. Indeed, in 2012 when the country was gripped by Olympic fever, August was completely dead. Since then despite the doom mongers warning of the dire consequences of the Scottish Independence Referendum, Brexit, Trump and the General Elections year-on-year NG Chartered Surveyors have got busier and busier over what was traditionally its quietest time.

Richard said:

“2012 was probably the most challenging point in NG’s history culminating in our restructuring and the move to West Bridgford. Since then, whether it has been good fortune or bloody hard work, we have never been busier or happier. In fact, this year we will be adding a new member to the NG team.”

Richard say the August lull is now becoming a distant memory and the NG team is more than happy to work whilst away.

He added:

“The removal of data roaming charges in Europe has helped small business owners like me stay on top of things. After all, we are in the service industry and our clients, many of whom have become friends, value and rely on our advice. And let’s not lose sight of the fact that without them, we have no business.”

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