Cheers to NG – Nottingham Frontier Brewery Company Looks Set to Triple Production

1st November 2016

A Nottingham brewery is set to treble its production after commercial property specialists NG Chartered Surveyors brokered a brewery deal for it to expand into a new facility on Lenton Industrial Estate.

The Frontier Brewing Company, now trading as Lenton Lane Brewery, has moved from Derby into a 2,929 sq ft production facility on Lenton Industrial Estate on a five-year lease.

NG Chartered Surveyors were appointed to let the unit by landlord Project Ferry (No.2) Ltd. As NG director Jonathon Seddon points out – the brokering a deal for a brewery is far from easy.

He said:

“Letting to a brewery isn’t straightforward. Lenton Lane needed to make very specific alterations to the property and we needed to understand the process so as not to upset the neighbours.

“However, we’re delighted to say that Lenton Lane are about to begin production at Unit 5 G, The Midway, and we’re looking forward to popping around for a pint or two.”

Dave Garland of Lenton Lane Brewery says that his company needed to expand simply because they couldn’t brew enough beer at their previous premises to meet demand.

He explained:

“In the short term, it’ll mean we can increase our output by more than threefold. We’ll also be able to simplify our logistics because of the additional space we’ll have and also the improved layout.

“The brewery plant is also much higher quality than our existing brewery, so the quality of the end product will go up, as well as being more efficient, using less energy, less water, and getting more flavour and character from our malt and hops.”

Dave says as well as the immediate benefits, Lenton lane is also planning on producing beer in different formats, producing keg and can, as well as their existing cask and bottled beers.

He added:

“We’ll be able to double our output again from the already tripled output, as well as offering off and on sales, which we can’t do at the moment as our brewery is attached to a pub and we can’t obtain a license.

“The deal was complicated, but I’d definitely recommend working with NG.”

Neil Wild of Project Ferry (No. 2) Ltd added:

“The new occupier for the unit was sourced quickly. We would recommend NG and use them again on future deals.”

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