What Would Ant Middleton Do?

4th February 2019

In early 2018, a new phrase entered my life – and that was “What would Ant Middleton do?”

For the uninitiated, Ant is the magnificently bearded star of the Channel 4 shows SAS Who Dares Wins, Mutiny and more recently Extreme Everest.

My son George got me hooked on the SAS series from the very start and off the back of this we jumped at the chance to go and see Ant live in February 2018 on his speaking tour. We went again in September, this time taking my wife along too. Guess what? We are all going again in September this year to see his new Mind over Muscle tour

His CV is mind-bending and, to quote from his own biography, he “completed three tours in Afghanistan, one as a Royal Marine and two during his time in the Special Boat Service”. If you have only seen the TV shows you won’t have gotten anywhere close to seeing the full picture of the man; his incredible determination, his iron will, courage, support, empathy and, above all, his relentless positivity.

It’s all of this that gave rise to our phrase: “What would Ant Middleton do?”.

I’m a middle-aged 50-year-old old self-employed man working with a small team of people, I face challenges in my life personally and professionally every day – people rely on me.

My son is 14 and still finding his way towards adulthood.

It makes no difference. Ant’s advice, experiences and motivation carry across into both of our lives in different ways and different times. They encourage you on, push you beyond what you thought you could achieve.

I have never been affected in a way like this by any other book, TV show or live tour. His concept of “fear bubbles” is pure genius in helping you live with and deal with pressure.

Ant has written two books, the first is the one accompanying the SAS TV series, the second First Man In is his autobiography – a brutally honest read that will make you laugh and cry. It’s almost like a handbook in life for how you react and behave in difficult circumstances and when you are under pressure. You can take away the elements that work for you and build them into your own personal armoury.

Look past the scary bloke on the TV, go see the tour, buy the books and immerse yourself in the concept of relentless positivity. And when you have the next time the sh!t hits the fan, before you do or say anything just ask yourself: “What would Ant Middleton do?”.

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