Women in Surveying: a brighter future awaits

3rd February 2020

Ellis Cullen, trainee surveyor at NG discusses why she feels the future is brighter for females in the commercial property industry now she’s joined NG.

Commercial property professionals are experiencing change in all aspects of the job with increasing convergence between the built environment and technology sectors offering greater efficiencies.

Yet the question still stands: in an industry encompassing rapid change, why is female involvement falling short?

The overall number of females in the profession has risen incredibly slowly; 1% year-on-year to just 15% of the entire UK profession. While this may deter younger females pursuing a career in a male dominated dynamic, this wasn’t the case for me. NG being a forward thinking company has given the company a competitive advantage which few – if any – of its rivals can boast about.

NG have a high ratio of females in the workforce providing a clear pathway to opportunities most women haven’t seen in the industry, with roles ranging from Directors to trainee surveyors. This has given me the drive to try to achieve what some of the females at NG have already proved attainable.

Charlotte Steggles, who is set to make her return to the Agency team later this year, told me:

“I believe larger agencies will start to employ more females as they come through University. I also think this will lead to more females seeing this as a career route, with companies employing more females simply because they’re picking the best person for the job.”

The feeling is mutual even higher up the ranks. Jude Weston, associate director at NG adds:

“The support network that our female accounts, secretarial, finance director and trainee surveyors have provided to me has allowed me to do my job effectively. Every person forms part of that wheel, and no one can function without the other. Without this support I would not be able to service my clients requirements to the standards I expect.”

Historically, the surveying and construction industry has been male-driven. Having come to NG as a work experience placement student, I wasn’t entirely sure what the role entailed. This lack of knowledge within the younger generation has led to a subsequent continuation of the male- orientated environment. But with firms like NG promoting opportunities for females, the future looks hopeful for more women seeking a role in surveying.

Coming into a professional career straight from A-levels undoubtedly has its challenges. Being in an environment where opportunities are irrespective of gender has provided me with determination and I look forward to what the future holds. With a 50/50 gender balance among its staff, NG has anticipated the change before the profession has, and, with the support my colleagues are giving me, I’m aiming high.

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